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Xavi Bet

Action on the right side, a pass to Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho easily passes the first obstacle, Roberto Carlos is passed too, but there is no more space, the ball returns to Xavi again. Xavi puts his head down, 4 Real Madrid players are right around him, he’s probably going to lose the ball…No, what an incredible turn and pass into empty space with the outside of his boot to Samuel Eto’o! Eye to eye with Iker Casillas, 100 percent chance for Barcelona and a goal! GOAL! Barcelona takes the lead in the 26th minute at the Santiago Bernabeu. The fans of the Catalans are in a trance, this action promised absolutely nothing. Wasn’t what Xavi Hernandez did proof that magic really does exist? If he were alive, now Houdini would have worshiped him, now the football gods are bowing down to him, now Xavi can drink the nectar of immortality. A pass for the annals of history, a pass that silences Madrid and makes the hearts of football fans flutter. This is why this game exists and why this game is played. This is proof that miracles do happen, this is magic witnessed by millions of people all over the planet.

A goal for Eto’o, a goal for Barcelona, immortality for Xavi Hernandez.

This is how that unforgettable evening went. The night after that nobody was able to sleep, the night itself greeted another star that appeared in the heavens. And the morning? The morning was brighter than all the mornings before, because that star continued to shine forever, and it will last as long as the world exists, and it will last even after the end of history and the human race. Because that star is not made like our Sun or the others of ordinary hydrogen and helium, but of human blood, blood that has never flown before, blood that flows like when the Blue and White Niles meet, blood that want to taste even the most beautiful mermaids and the most fearsome warriors, blood that is not human, but divine, blood that flowed in the man who not only changed the history of football, but also made us love the world. Because such a perfect world was worth living for.

And now we come to the question of all questions. How can you use the name of Xavi when it comes to betting or football predictions?

The answer is: Very easy! Whether it’s the team that Xavi leads, whether it’s the player that trains with him individually, those guys will simply win. They must win because their bright guide is not the longing for mere glory, but the unbreakable desire for complete immortality, immortality like their mentor. This is exactly what Xavi Hernandez instilled in the minds of his players. And he didn’t implant it through a chip in their brains like Elon Musk’s Neuralink, but through thought, because thought subdues everything, both good and evil, both fearful and fearless, both possible and impossible, both visible and invisible, and this, and some other worlds and realities. The guys who train with Xavi are not from another planet, they will be made to look like that. Xavi Bet is the latest popular term among us, because this guy just can’t lose, so it seems that staking on him or his team is the easiest choice you will ever make.

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