Xavi Hernandez

xavi hernandez

Xavi Hernandez: A Man, A Legend or Something More?

Football magic knows no bounds. And that magic has its own executor, its own guru, its own “God”, that magic is called Xavi Hernandez.

A magic that did not exist before him, the new Gilgamesh who, unlike the original one, this time found the “herb of immortality”, a hero like Hamlet who did not end tragically, a football lover like Casanova in women, gentle in contact with the ball like the gentle touches of the irresistible Don Juan, as deadly to his opponent as the sword of Alexander the Great or the saber of Suleiman the Magnificent.

If the first names that come to mind when you think of composers, piano or classical music are Mozart or Beethoven, the first names that undoubtedly come to mind when you think of football are the Spanish virtuosos of Barcelona’s golden generation, Xavi and Iniesta. Especially the first one. The man who made Messi the best player in the world, the man without whom the myth of the invincible “tika-taka” of Pep Guardiola would not even exist, the man about whom the defenders of the eternal rival, Real Madrid, had nightly nightmares…

And some say they haven’t woken up yet, some still think it’s just another legend, but who knows, maybe as we retell the myth of Zeus, some future generations will retell the myth of the supreme God of football – Xavi Hernandez.

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